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Koshi AQUA

CHF 62.90

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The beautiful and high quality Koshi chimes are carefully handcrafted in the French Pyrenees. The cylindrical resonance body consists of several layers of wafer-thin bamboo veneer, which gives the sound a unique purity. The soft, floating sounds are created by hitting a glass plate against the finely tuned bronze bars inside the sound cylinder.

The Koshi chime is available in four different tones, each with its own magical timbre.

The Koshi chimes are beautiful for ending a meditation, but also as a fairytale feng shui wind chime. They have a very soothing, almost magical effect on babies and toddlers. They are a wonderful birth gift for mother and child and ideal for meditation courses, yoga and Pilates classes, etc. Outside, the Koshi wind chime should only hang under a roof, as it can be damaged by water.

The Koshi AQUA element water. Water is a feminine element that brings & connects everything in the river. It is associated with the blood and body fluids. This cultivates the feeling of altruism.


Listen to the 4 beautiful melodies of the Koshi wind chimes:

Terra / Earth (g - c - e - f - g - c - e - g)

Ignis / Fire (g - b - d - g - b - d - g - a)

Aqua / Water (a - d - f - g - a - d - f - a)

Aria / Wind (a - c - e - a - b - c - e - b)



• Body diameter: 6.5 cm
• Body length: 16.5 cm
• Total length suspended: 36 cm
• Weight: approx. 140 g
• Body material: bamboo