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Resistance bands (green)

CHF 15.00

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Resistance bands are perfect to strengthen and tone your whole body in a soft and gently way (without injuries). Our high-quality resistance bands have four different resistance level, whereby the red is the thinnest and easiest, black the 3rd strongest, purple the 2nd strongest and green the strongest. With over 600 workouts on our app/platform we show you exactly how you can use these resistance bands effectively in your workouts, also ideal complimentary to dumbbells, kettlebells or hip bands. We recommend to take the set (comes with a fitting small back to store it ideally at home) and save, but you can also order one band. Let’s train, sweat and get into our best shape.
“Let’s shape our body”
Material: Latex Elastic bands
Color: green (strongest)
Size: 20.8 cm length x 0.45 cm width x 0.05 thick